5 Ways to Support South Dakota Businesses

During the COVID-19 Pandemic


We are living in unprecedented times. Our local businesses labeled as non-essential are closed. Those that make their living feeding us are trying to stay open - scrambling with alternative ways to serve, fueled by late nights, worry, and ambition that has never wavered.


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Both sets of businesses - those open and those closed - belong to someone you know. Is it you? Or perhaps it is your neighbor, your friend, or a member of your family. It’s devastating to everyone - and the uncertainty of how long these closures will extend leaves us all stressed and unsure of our futures. Can you help yourself while helping your community? Luckily, the answer is yes.


Order Food and have it Delivered or opt for Curbside


antunez guac


This isn’t as frivolous as it may have felt before COVID-19. Finding the basics at your grocery store has become difficult, at best. The time saved running from store to store, the risk of transmission mitigated by staying in, and the cost of groceries to prepare a meal all make ordering in more and more attractive. A client of ours tells the story of waiting four days for her turn at a local grocery store to take advantage of curbside delivery. Her family was out of everything, and so her list was long. However all that was filled were onions, avocados, and some very ripe bananas. Needless to say, they ordered takeout from their local Himalayan spot that night. 

We have found that Rapid City to Go is an excellent platform for businesses to communicate with the rest of us. New business hours, delivery options, posted menus, and specials are all found here. The Facebook group is public. Use the search function to find it on Facebook using “Rapid City to Go.”

(Image above: Chips and Guac, as well as Antunez's full menu, is available for delivery and curbside pick up.)


Buy Gift Cards from Local Establishments and Use Them Later On


gplocal gift cards

Did you know that Someone in the Kitchen is offering 50% back on each gift card you purchase? Purchase a $50 card and they make it $75. But you have to hurry because their offer is valid through April 4 (expires today).

Make sure you comb Facebook and Instagram for specials. Your local favorites are harnessing the power of social media more than ever. Most likely you will find their specials advertised on social platforms rather than their website.


Plan a Fun Surprise for your (super bored!) Children




Our local business' are SO GOOD at reinventing themselves. Did you know Who's Toys is open by appointment Tuesday thru Saturday 11-4? They take phone orders/Facetime/text and send pictures to help you shop. Think of how valuable this is before Easter. Call when you arrive and they will load your trunk up with zero contact. 

There are numerous gifting businesses who will provide similar services. Give them a call and most likely they will find a way to serve you. 


Tip for Services if You Can


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A few extra dollars goes a long way when everyone gives collectively. 


Spread the Word


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Encourage family members, friends, professional colleagues and other people in your personal network to patronize our community’s business, too. How to do that? Pay attention to your Facebook feed. When a favorite business of yours is advertising their specials, like it. Share it. Leave a comment. Supporting local business exponentially increases the degree to which you can help out those in your community. 


Demonstrate Thankfulness


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A few words of encouragement can go a long way. Social distance does not have to dilute the human connection. We need to take the time to show our appreciation for each other. Be sure to thank the owners and employees of small local businesses for all they do and offer them words of encouragement. Doing so requires little time or effort on your part, but your kindness could be just what they need.  Need ideas? Post on their Facebook wall. Send a direct message via Instagram. Gush about their service/food/helpful spirit on an online review. 

Above all, do not forget that we are all in this together.