Breadroot Cooperative. Breadroot is member-owned and sources local food and products. It's a wonderful place to shop when you are looking for organic/local/healthy food.

They carry groceries, produce, bulk items such as herbs and teas, supplements, and body products. They support family farms, organic farms, local employment, community connections, and healthy food access (which is so important and limited in our area!)

Enough raving.... let's go inside.

I can't be the only one who tries really hard not to take their children to the grocery store. I end up with more items that I would not normally purchase, I can't concentrate on my shopping list, and usually leave feeling a bit stressed. Can you relate? So, what is this guy doing in my pictures? I had no choice, people. I had no choice. I know you can relate to THAT, for sure.

Anyway, let the story begin ...

Breadroot has been my go-to for local honey for some time, now. A few years ago at a Christmas exchange, I gave everyone large glass jars of it because I was (am) obsessed with this honey. You can bring your own jars or you can grab one from them. Either way, you need some of this on your yogurt, in your tea, or on top of mozzarella cheese (you learned something new today, didn't you?).

But once I looked around the store (and not just grabbing whatever was on my official list), I found all sorts of great items that I hadn't tried before. So, what ended up happening: I checked out with a cart full of things we haven't tried and brought them home to my family. They tasted, reviewed, and will share with you what their favorites were.

But first, lets take a tour of the store through a 40-something's eyes with a hungry four year old. 

She's Nuts is a Black Hills local business. My favorite coffee shop carries jars and jars of this stuff but I hadn't tried it. Today I picked up with Cinnamon Almond Pecan and plan on whirling it into my smoothies.

I really loved the packaging on these. Not going to lie.

Orange and chocolate bars for the win.

Pure Bean Coffee is so good! Didn't realize I could purchase it at Breadroot but I should have known better - they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to sourcing local food. Love that.

Look at the kinds of things we end up with when I am too busy photographing the store. Soda that I don't (usually) allow anyone to drink, marshmallows (two of the four children at home are in braces so this makes perfect sense), and a lone organic sucker. His cart and my cart look very different but I would be lying if I didn't admit was more excited about his choices than mine. Adulting can be awful.

Local meat. It really does taste better. Huge difference...!

Meanwhile ...

I believe this is the spot where the ice cream bars made it into the cart. 

Spoiler: These tomatoes were SO GOOD.

As were these apples. The produce selection is off the charts this time of year. 

Here's Avery's cart (and you can see he's finding something else to add .. ?!?)

We ended up with a little of this (see Av's cart) and a little of that (mine is full of Mom food and camera gear).

We checked out, he ate his sucker on the way home, and now here I am - getting ready to tell you what the biggest winners of our "let's try something new" shopping expedition were.

First up (and only pictured in the shopping cart): organic raspberries. Both packs were gone before I could photograph them. My daughter told me I needed to go back for more because they were sweet (er) and firm (er) than what she gets at school.

She's ten and even she can tell organic, fresh fruit when she tastes it.

Second and third place:

The Hail Merry Pure Vanilla cookies and Blue Sky soda were both Avery's picks. He loved the cookies and is obsessed with the soda (both are severely limited in our house for a variety of reasons).

I know that Blue Sky is the soda that Blaze Pizza carries - it's organic which is awesome. No artificial colors or flavors, either. While the sugar intake needs to be watched, there are a lot worse soda options that this. Plus, it tastes amazing.

The cookies were gone before I could try one, but when I asked the kids which food item was the winner, these were a clear favorite.

Breadroot, is clearly, more than just a place to grab honey and kale. It's full of fun food and products - and it's local, which is incredibly important to support.