Dickey's BBQ Spearfish

Dickey's Barbecue Pit has such a great location in the Black Hills - Just as you are coming into Spearfish and/or heading up to Deadwood via US HWY 85 S, it's sitting on the corner waiting to feed you delicious BBQ. I have always felt like this has got to be one of the best locations ever - because nothing else is around until you get into Spearfish or Deadwood ... and who has time to wait?!

Dickey's BBQ

The smell alone will make you hungry. As a girl from Kansas City, I pride myself on being a BBQ expert. Well, expert at EATING BBQ, maybe. But still. I am picky, I am particular, and I am vocal about good food.

Dickey's Spearfish

Their fantastic decor sets the tone - stylish and very clean - but the view along the huge windows is the place to be. The views along the range cannot be beat.

BBQ Spearfish SD

But first, get some lemonade.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Spearfish Places to Eat BBQ

And order some Texas style BBQ!

Dickey's BBQ

With so many choices, it was hard to decide what to order. I always try to ask what the local favorites are - because who wants to be out of the loop? 

First up, the brisket + waffle fries. We paired Dickey's Original BBQ sauce with this one. The brisket was moist, the sauce was delicious, and the bun was warm and buttery. And, according to my kids, Dickey's has the BEST waffle fries in town.

dickey's pulled pork

I asked them what sides they were famous for - and without hesitation, the mac + cheese was deemed an absolute must try.

So we paired the pulled pork sandwich + with the mac + cheese as our second meal and anxiously waited.

dickey's pulled pork with mac and cheese

And it did not disappoint. The pulled pork sandwich was full of flavor, not at all dry, and extremely delicious. My little guy kept eating my sandwich, reminding me it is nice to share.

He also loved the mac + cheese. Sat still, and shoveled it into his mouth without saying a word. If you are familiar with picky toddlers, this tells you all that you need to know.

Catering Dickey's BBQ Spearfish

We catered BBQ for Father's Day last year. Made all the men in my life so happy - and I didn't have to cook! So, whether it's Football on Sunday or a family gathering, catering is genius. 

There is something for most everyone! View the full menu here.

Outdoor Seating Spearfish SD

Here's that view I was telling you about. Did you know you can even grab your sandwich and head outside to use their picnic tables? We loved our stop here and plan on coming back next time we are headed up to ski/hike/play at Spearfish Park... It sounds like we will be back a lot ... and that's saying something when you are a family from Rapid City.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit | 6764 Colorado Blvd. | Spearfish, SD 57783 |