glazed and dazed donuts

Yes. You do deserve a donut! It's Monday and it's National Donut Day!

How else are you going to get through it?! With sprinkles or without? Cream filled? Chocolate? Or how about the famous monster apple fritter?

Or if you don't think you deserve one, I bet you at least want one. Either angle is welcomed at Glazed and Dazed Donuts.

I wasn't sure which to order, but I knew it would be a tough decision because the reviews on this place are strong. Truly a local favorite for their donut texture and for their friendly staff.

(Did you know Glazed and Dazed were voted one of the top ten best places to get a donut by Best in Things South Dakota?)

glazed and dazed donuts

I knew from massive amounts of research that the monster apple fritter is so popular that it is sold all over town (at truck stops) and the maple bacon long john is a strong contendor for most popular/most likely to succeed.

BUT both of these were sold out by the time I arrived. (Do not come so late, people! I was just trying to avoid the massive breakfast rush crowd and it backfired.)

glazed and dazed donuts

So I asked for a dozen assorted and gave Glazed and Dazed free reign on what they picked out. "You definitely have to have a raspberry rosette. I'm surprised we have any left."

This made me feel a little better. 

glazed and dazed donuts

"The french crullers have a huge following. You'll want original and chocolate."

Yes and yes. Things were looking up!

glazed and dazed donuts

The rest was a blur. Sprinkled ones and frosted ones. Filled ones. I'll take one of each.

(I've never said that before. Ever. So fun.)

glazed and dazed donuts

There were rows of coffee pots ready to be tapped and lots of places to sit if you wanted to stay and chat with a friend. There also the ever popular to-go donut boxes ... and they even deliver!

Their number because (605) 348-9890. Open 7 days a week. You are welcome!

glazed and dazed donuts

glazed and dazed donuts

Do yourself a favor and treat your office mates or your family to something fun on National Donut Day. Or a random Tuesday - they might love you even more for that.

Glazed and Dazed has donut making down to an art. 

glazed and dazed donuts


Glazed and Dazed is tucked off of West Main Street near Little Caesar's Pizza and 605 Vintage Chicks

Tidbits to Note:

2120 W Main St. Ste 4 | Rapid City, South Dakota | 605.348.9890 | Facebook

Monday- Saturday 5:30am - Noon

Sunday 7am - 1pm