Hail damage to your home or vehicle can send you into a spiral of work you hadn't planned to do.  So many questions arise after the storm,  Is there enough damage to contact insurance?  How long do you have to contact them?  Who should you choose for your repairs?  

It can be daunting and it can seem it's easiest to choose the first couple contractors who come knocking on your door.  You want your estimate fast and you want your damage repaired to avoid further damage.  But make sure you take your time and choose a good company that you can trust.  


Tips for repairs and questions to ask?                           Hail Stone


  • Are they insured?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they have good reviews? Or ask around for family and friend referrals.
  • Are they LOCAL? 

Local contractors and companies will be there after the repair in case you have questions or something didn't get fixed the way you needed it to.  The money you spend on the repairs will stay in the community and help those right in your neighborhood.  

We've put together a quick reference sheet, but there are other options available!  Check out your GPLocal business guide or go to localblackhills.com to look for Roofing Contractors or Auto Body Repair to find a local business near you to call.

Hail Damage