Does your family talk about non-GMO food vs. GMO?

My husband passed away at the very young age of 38 to cancer. Before he was diagnosed, I was aware (and sometimes chose) of the health benefits of organic food, of choosing locally if possible, and tried my best to cook healthy at home.

After he was diagnosed, I did more than sometimes chose organic food, I hunted down a place I could purchase freshly squeezed grass and forced him to drink it each day. I threw out everything non-organic. I was a lunatic in the best of ways to help protect my children from what happened to their father, but it made me a lunatic in the worst of ways, too, because making choices based on fear instead of level-headed thinking isn't good for anyone. So. THAT was how I became educated in the importance of healthy eating.

After my husband passed away, I moved from Denver to Rapid City. I initially lived in a rental in the middle of nowhere while I house-hunted. The nearest grocery store was 20 minutes away and the quality and selection wasn't the greatest. So, many times I would make the one hour round trip drive into town to get organic milk, fruit, and snacks. (Hang with me, here. I have a point).

After deciding to live in the country permanetly, my quest and commute for healthy food became taxing and time consuming. I burnt out and started to settle for what was closer and more convenient. I became lazy, guys.

Fast forward five years and here I sit - writing this from my house that is just a stone's throw from organic food and I wanted to bring up the importance of it's never too late to start. And it's never too late to start again.

The Market Store is adorable. It's clean, it's inviting, and they didn't blink an eye when I became overly dramatic when I discovered they carried local, non-GMO corn. Do you know how nearly impossible it is to find non-GMO corn?! It is.

I saw a documentary on corn, and why they genetically modified it (disease resistant, tastes sweeter, has insect repellent grown into it's DNA). The food supply chain needed larger yield. Period.

Understandable, but for those who chose to eat clean when they can, The Market is such a great resource!

Thought it would be fun to take a stroll through the store with you so you could see what caught my eye, what I tried/like, what I tried/didn't care for.

Here we go!

Organic, local tomatoes. This is ideal for someone like me who MEANS to go to the farmer's market but life gets in the way.

Have you had enough of my excitement over non-GMO corn? Yes? How about a picture, then.

The fresh produce section is unreal this time of year. So good.

The radishes, cucumbers, corn and fresh ginger tasted like I had planted them in the backyard minus the watering, weeding, and washing.

Actually, then, that makes them taste better!

For my son who is always hungry, looking for something to put in his locker, and has very few carbs. He loves these!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I purchased these for my daughter because of her love of mermaids. Lame, I know.

What ended up happening, though, is I took a sip of each flavor and promptly placed them on my shopping list for next time ... to hide for me.

THEY ARE SO GOOD AND GOOD FOR YOU. The Flower Grow and Living Ginger were my favorites but they all yumm-o!

Another gem is the local company Lone Pine. They have Kombucha on tap (two flavors at a time). 

As I was checking out, I snapped a picture of the nicest person. We chatted while she checked me out, and her smile never left her face.

I love a good interaction. This local store delivered in spades!

The Market

333 E. Omaha Suite 2

Rapid City, SD