Who's Toy House is meant to be explored and it's toys are meant to be touched. Somer knows this is how children learn and she never discourages exploration, even when parents are nervous or unsure if it is okay - because it is always okay.

Parents who home school their children appreciate the learning tools and toys made available to them. This historical take from Playmobil has been a long favorite for kids because of hidden treasures inside the mummy. Parents (and the teacher in them) appreciate the tactile learning that stems from learning from play.

As STEM (now called STEAM and STEAM-squared) take ahold of our educational curriculum (Both Southwest and East Middle Schools have turned their school schedules on their heads to implement this as they understand the importance of more science, math, engineering, technology, art, and medicine for our students) - and Who's Toy House is ready. They stock many STEM experiments, Smart Games, and learning activities to support our educational shift in focus.

Read more about STEAM-squared in our schools here, here, and here.

Who's Toys also knows that, independently of school, parents want, request, and ultimately purchase toys that have dual purpose: engage their children and teach them something while they play. Items that fit this criteria range from elementary kids playing TENZI while learning to add/subtract/divide/multiply faster and with greater accuracy to little kids playing make believe and learning cause and effect, role playing, and engaging their senses (rather than being limited to a screen - for which they cannot touch real objects - and have a much harder time learning from).

There truly is something for everyone in this unique, local gem of a store that we are so lucky to have!

Who's Toys 

512 Main St Ste 160 Rapid City, South Dakota

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM